Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Collection Volume 9 - Simply Delightful 2017

Volume 9 of my Spring Collection is the final download for this series.  Not all items are shown in the preview and shadow has been added on the preview but the images in the zip file don't have shadows.  All images are transparent backgrounds so you can use them in your own digital creations.

The zip file contains 31 images as follows:

  • Rain boot;
  • 5 Candy Sticks;
  • 1 Cloud;
  • 3 Flourishes;
  • 5 Lollypops;
  • 3 Pillows;
  • 4 Pinwheels;
  • Rainbow;
  • Raindrops;
  • Sun with Cloud;
  • 3 Umbrellas; and
  • 2 Word Art.



  1. thank you for this adorable file :)

    1. You are very welcome Diane :) Thanks for stopping by and please make sure you take a look at all 9 volumes of my Spring Collection 2017. Return again often to see what's new at sheyzz toybox. I will be adding new items as time permits. Thanks again and Enjoy!