Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bringing back Cutie Patootie - my part of the Collab with Becky's Creations

(The above link is to the Cutie Patootie Folder on my Google drive)

The favorite of my past creations is back!  Here is my part of the Cutie Patootie Collab that was created in a collaborative with Becky's Creations in 2012.  Time passes fast while you're not looking. In 2012, this was the kit that led to numerous requests for more digital images such as ribbons and bows, frames, children's toys, and flowers.  Although I enjoy making the images and sharing them without restriction, I no longer take requests for specific items.  It started becoming very stressful as designers needed specialty items for commercial use rather quickly.  This is a hobby for me.  I enjoy creating the images and share them freely with anyone who wants to download them.  Use for whatever purpose suits your needs and I hope it helps you even if you are making money from the items found on the sheyzz toybox blog.  But, please do not request my assistance in altering images, making an image in a specific color or pattern, and I am not available to create additional images that you want to add to the kits that I offer.  With that said, please make sure that you snag all 3 zipped files in the Cutie Patootie folder on my Google drive so that you have all of the items.  Last, but the most important, Enjoy!

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