Friday, March 17, 2017

Tee Time at sheyzz toybox

A lot of great ideas for upcoming themes have been suggested and a kit for golf is one of those ideas.  I don't play the game but members of my family play regularly when the weather permits! In Ohio, you never know what the weather is going to be.  The last few weeks have highs and lows so you don't know whether it is still winter or spring came early!  We had snow and ice today.  When sunny, warmer weather does show up and stay around, we're all going to have colds.  Anyway, today's kit is all things about golf.  

The kit includes 4 full-size papers (3600 x 3600 pixels or 12 x 12) and elements of various sizes as follows:

2 golf carts (2400 x 2115 pixels);
1 polaroid frame (2156 x 2394 pixels);
1 golf word art / sticker (1150 x 1150 pixels);
1 camera (500 x 374 pixels);
1 cloud (4692 x 2356 pixels);
1 sun (800 x 812 pixels);
1 golf bag (1325 x 1325 pixels);
1 golf ball (345 x 357 pixels);
2 brads (500 x 503 pixels) - 1 blue, 1 green;
1 golf club (1150 x 1901 pixels);
2 sets of corners (329 x 307 pixels) - 1 blue, 1 green;
1 golf green (729 x 579 pixels);
1 hat (1000 x 850 pixels);
1 shoe (2000 x 1057 pixels);
1 tee set (1000 x 1000 pixels);
1 staple (72 x 13 pixels);
1 reversed staple (96 x 18 pixels); and
2 golf balls on tees (555 x 1110 pixels) - red tee, blue tee.

This is a digital scrapbooking product and no physical product is provided. All files are created at 300 dpi. Papers are full-size.  Elements are created on transparent backgrounds.  All files saved in .png format.  Several elements may be included in multiple colors for your convenience.  Please refer to detailed item list above for description of images contained in the zip file available for download on my Google drive.



I happened to find a new blog when I was looking for images for my own personal scrapbooking creations and it is too good not to share the link for other scrapbookers to find.  The blog is Rush Ranch and it is located at  The following image is Sunny Rush's Terms of Use :)  I love it!!!  Thank you Sunny :)  You have an amazing soul.

So you don't forget, my favorite blog of all time is Granny Enchanted!!  You can find all of her wonderful treasures at  I am always able to find just what I need for  my personal scrapbooking creations at Granny Enchanted.  She has an amazing talent.  Please check out her Etsy store and if you need commercial use items.  You can click on the banner shown below to read her Terms of Use.  

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